Monday, July 25, 2011

Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oracle Fusion Procurement
The New Standard for Supply Management

Using technology to improve procurements is not new. Unfortunately, conventional approaches have treated analytics as a discrete discipline, required extensive investment in end-user training, and failed to account for the real-world challenges of business interruptions.
Oracle Fusion Procurement is different. It drives results by providing unprecedented insight to all users. Its revolutionary approach to business intelligence and process automation sets the new standard and fundamentally changes the way procurement professionals work.

Practice Smart Sourcing
Procurement professionals know that they can deliver financial and performance improvements through strategic sourcing. But all too often, improvements are held hostage by information bottlenecks, lack of visibility into the high-value opportunities, and compliance gaps. And where e-sourcing promises savings, the promise is often broken by systems that fail to enforce compliance to negotiated terms.

Oracle Fusion Procurement provides the intelligence needed to help professionals uncover savings opportunities. It provides a timely understanding of spending patterns, employee expenses, and supplier performance. It uses state-of-the-art analytics to pinpoint top opportunities, monitor trends, and deliver performance metrics across an organization’s heterogeneous systems.

Oracle Fusion Procurement’s ability to drive savings doesn’t stop with analytics. It delivers role-based dashboards that prioritize procurement actions. It consolidates worklists and watchlists and makes it easy for procurement professionals to identify areas requiring attention. Oracle Fusion Procurement also makes it easier to capitalize on opportunities. It provides integrated sourcing and contract management to help negotiate enforceable agreements. By integrating e-sourcing with universal contract standards, a universal contract repository, and universal search, it provides visibility into contracts while standardizing collaboration and compliance.

Broaden End-User Self-Service
Because of the massive savings they deliver, procurement professionals are often worth their weight in gold. So it is wasteful to have them bogged down with routine transactions. Oracle Fusion Procurement dramatically broadens end-user self-service, motivates good choices among end users, drives widespread supplier enablement, and promotes end-user satisfaction.

Oracle Fusion Procurement delivers a consumer experience to promote end-user satisfaction, The interface delivers friendly and familiar Web features such as search, favorites, recent items, tagging, and embedded learning for infrequent users. This improves requisitioning efficiency, boosts utilization, and slashes training burdens. The interface also features embedded analytics within the context of self-service requisitioning to help end users make better choices. It gives users visibility into supplier lead times and performance, which expands the range of transactions suitable for self-service.

Oracle Fusion Procurement also expands the utility of self-service by delivering a user-friendly interface to suppliers, thereby promoting more-widespread enablement. With a single logon, suppliers get easy access to a secure, integrated work center that provides full visibility into their transactions, closed-loop collaboration, and complete e-invoicing. This reduces the procurement department’s workload by reducing errors, phone inquiries, fulfillment times, and accounts payable inefficiencie

Protect Business Interests
The drive to deliver more savings with fewer resources has led to increasingly complex and global operating models. But that doesn’t mean that anyone can afford to ignore policy enforcement, the unique needs of individual business units, or the risk of supply disruptions. Oracle Fusion Procurement was built to address these challenges. It protects business interests by aligning organizational needs with the right controls and approval processes.

Oracle Fusion Procurement enables organizations to balance the competing objectives of scale and specialization by enabling center-driven procurement. It offers a unique architecture for simple modeling of sophisticated organizational structure and processes. This enables more-flexible operating models for shared-service environments that centralize and standardize common processes while accommodating local or unique business requirements.

In addition to its support for center-driven procurement, Oracle Fusion Procurement was built with unique workflow and change management capabilities. Its unified workflow approval management restricts unwanted behaviors by closing compliance gaps, promoting visibility, and simplifying exception management. And its document change management enables procurement groups to adapt to business disruptions. Together they deliver process efficiency and smooth change control processes required by today’s nonlinear and increasingly unpredictable working environment.

Oracle Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Procurement is part of Oracle Fusion Applications, which are completely open, standards-based enterprise applications that can be easily integrated into a service-oriented architecture. Designed as a complete suite of modular applications, Oracle Fusion Applications help you improve performance, lower IT costs, and get better results. Whether you choose one module, a product family, or the entire suite, Oracle enables you to gain the benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications at a pace that matches your business needs.


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